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Our Founder's Morning Mist Ritual

Our Founder's Morning Mist Ritual

RITUAL: Daily Morning Mist 

To greet the morning with a light glow.   

Ingredients: Hydrosol toning mist and serum of choice

Notes: I love a hydrating mist first thing in the morning when I rise (and right before my shower) to allow all of my pores to wake up while I drink my coffee. 


woman misting face


  1. Breathe. Inhale through your nose and reach your arms out and up towards the sky, yoga style. Exhale all the air of your lungs out as you slowly lower your arms down. 
  2. Blend. Put a pea-size amount of serum into your palm and mist it twice with your toner. This gives the skin a light, morning, dewy glow. 
  3. Massage. Warm the concoction in your hands and massage it onto your face in upward motions.  
  4. Affirm. Say an inspiring affirmation such as, "I feel glowing, radiant, and nourished.” 


For more self-love rituals to manifest abundance, beauty, and joy, read Angela's book, Radical Radiance.

Edited excerpt from RADICAL RADIANCE: by Angela Jia Kim.

Copyright © 2022 by the author and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Publishing Group.

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