How Double Cleansing Changed My Life

Hey beauty, it’s Angela — founder of Savor Beauty.

Not to be dramatic, but double cleansing changed my life.

Before becoming an “accidental entrepreneur,” I was traveling the world as a classical pianist, performing for thousands of people, and mentoring hundreds of women.

One day on the NYC train, I had a panic attack. All the late nights and juggling 3 businesses had finally taken its toll. I couldn’t sleep, lost my appetite... I knew I was quickly burning out.

So I took a step back. I started to lean into what I loved: my nightly skincare rituals, and I finally followed my mother’s lessons: “layer your skin with love.”

I started with the Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil. As I gently massaged away my makeup, sunscreen, and more I noticed how my skin felt frail, my cheeks weren’t rosy, and my skin was tight and dry. I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally or physically.

The cleansing oil smelled like the tropical vacation that I haven’t been on in years.

Then I layered the Pearl Cleansing Cream on top. I felt the milled grape seeds brush across stress breakouts and expression lines. After I rinsed everything off, the soft lavender spa scent stayed and I had a clean slate.

For the next 90 days, I consistently cleansed my skin, watching it transform before me. The simple act of massaging and tuning into my skin needs activating my inner and outer radiance.

So I poured my heart out into Savor Beauty, reminding myself to savor the beautiful and simple things in life, like 2 minutes to wash your face!

Each aroma, texture, and ingredient is sourced and made with love by the womxn who truly believe that skincare is (or can lead to) self-care.

Happy cleansing!


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