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K-Beauty Secret: Anti-Acne Strategy

K-Beauty Secret: Anti-Acne Strategy

The K-beauty acne strategy is radically different from the rest of the world. When you think of how to treat acne, the first thing that probably comes to mind is, “How can I dry out my face in order to prevent breakouts?”

Dermatologists in Korea, on the other hand, always recommend increasing hydration with nourishing creams (emulsions with oil and H20) to reduce inflammation, which is often the culprit of under-the-surface pimples.

Acne can be a sign that you are lacking hydration and moisture. Balancing water and oil will keep your skin clear, bouncy, and dewy. Dehydrated skin can send your skin a signal to produce more sebum to lubricate dry areas (hello, unwanted shine).

You can address water loss with humectants, like our Skin-Perfecting Toners, which attract more moisture into the skin, and the Truffle Face Cream, which is a nourishing water-and-oil emulsion.

Skin-Perfecting Toner

The Skin-Perfecting Toner is a floral water that attracts more water into the skin. Use throughout the day for instant replenishment.

Truffle Face Cream

The Truffle Face Cream is a potent lightweight moisturizer perfect for layering and adding a boost of hydration to your routine.

For oil moisture, this part is a little tricky. Everyone has a unique skin type, whether that's dry, normal, combination or oily. Your skin type is genetic unless there is a big hormonal shift (e.g. pregnancy, puberty, or certain medications like Accutane). You would choose an oil moisturizer targeted for specific skincare concerns.

For oily skin, we recommend a lightweight acne-fighting oil like the Pumpkin Serum. For dry skin, a nourishing antioxidant-rich oil would keep painful dry breakouts at bay like our Raspberry Serum. For normal skin, your oil production is relatively balanced, so the best way to protect your skin is to protect it's natural resurfacing cycle by occasionally catalyzing it with the Carrot Rose Serum.

Customize the serums by mixing 1-2 drops into your palm with 1-2 sprays from your choice in toner. This creates a hydrating hydrosol (floral water) with major healing benefits. It gives you a fresh balancing oil and water concoction to moisturize without clogging the pores; an excellent solution for beauties who have oil that sits on top of the skin throughout the day.

The radical difference is that hydration and moisture help to clear skin, and if you zero in on calming ingredients, you heal and strengthen versus cover up the blemishes.

You can see our full Banish Breakouts Collection on Savor Beauty.

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