5-Step At-Home Facial Guide

"I miss facials! What can I do at home?"

Follow our Savor Beauty esthetician's 5-step at-home treatment for radiant, refreshed skin.

Step 1: Double Cleanse

This non-stripping duo softens blackheads for easy unclogging while removing makeup, sunscreen, and impurities.
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Step 2: Mask

Mix equal parts of the wound-healing Manuka Honey Mask + resurfacing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. Apply concoction on the skin for 5-mins and rinse off.
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Step 3: Mist

Soothe redness and hydrate with the Lavender Toner.
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Step 4: Hydrate

Blend equal parts Chamomile Moisture Mask + Lavender Toner to create a lightweight hyaluronic serum that binds water to the skin.
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Step 5: Protect

Apply a dollop of the Truffle Face Cream on top to lock in moisture while vitamin B helps repair damaged skin cells.
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