3 Exfoliation Myths, Debunked

One of our specialties at Savor Spa is our double-exfoliation facial, (AKA, the Champagne Facial) which includes a peel and a microdermabrasion treatment. The result is radiant skin that is velvet smooth. Most people think that what happens in the treatment room must stay in the treatment room, but when it comes to exfoliation, that’s definitely not the case. An ongoing exfoliation program at home is necessary to keep your “spa face” in between treatments! 

Here are three more exfoliation myths I hear all the time—debunked: 

Myth #1: You can use the same exfoliant you use on your body on your face. 
Truth: It’s tempting to grab that body sugar scrub and try to multi-task by using it on the face, too. Don’t! The body skin is about 0.60 mm thick, while facial skin is thinner at around 0.12 mm, making it much more delicate. The face needs a more finely ground exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells for a healthy, glowing complexion. Choose a cleanser like the Pearl Cleansing Cream for gentle daily exfoliation. 

Myth #2: You should not exfoliate if you have sensitive skin. 
Truth: Removing the dirt and toxins that are clogging the pores through gentle exfoliation helps sensitive skin be less reactive and absorb a nourishing moisturizer more easily. If the skin gets irritated, choose a soft exfoliant and lighten up your touch. 

Myth #3: Peels can only be done by a pro. 
Truth: A gentle peel, like our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, can be used as an effective at-home treatment if you follow directions. When you over-exfoliate with a peel, you will see a visible loss of skin, dryness, excessive breakouts, and flaking. The general rule of thumb is to use the peel once a week and to take it off when you feel it start to tingle.

Here's to replenishing your radiance!

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