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Unveil Your Celestial Glow: A Guide to Savor Beauty Products by Zodiac Sign

Unveil Your Celestial Glow: A Guide to Savor Beauty Products by Zodiac Sign

Written by: Savor Beauty



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Skincare by the Stars...

by Farah Daniels, Manager of Savor Spa.

The celestial influence of each zodiac sign can guide you towards a Savor Beauty product that resonates with your unique traits, providing a personalized and enjoyable beauty ritual.

Read on to find out which Savor Beauty product you are based on your astrological sign. 💫

Aries: Cinnamon Arnica Oil

A spiced, soothing treat for the most adventurous sign. Melts away muscle stress to get you ready to make your next move! Pair with a warm neck wrap to max your relax.

Taurus: Truffle Face Cream

A luxuriant, whipped delight for our indulgent Taureans. Satisfy your skin’s needs, and deeply hydrate while strengthening and boosting radiance sourced from white truffle, the white diamond of the skincare world.  

Gemini: Manuka Honey Mask

Our double-threat detox mask is perfect for the versatile twins of the zodiac. This rich mask purifies while providing incredible luminosity, giving skin the best of both worlds. Mix with your favorite Savor cleanser to create the most delicious cleansing balm.

Cancer: Radiant Rose Face Cream

An exclusive, limited-time, brightening delicacy to provide ultimate skin softness for sweet Cancerians. A pampering gift of self-love to mesmerize the most generous sign in the zodiac.  

Leo: Pumpkin Seed Serum

Our most popular product for the star of the zodiac. This glow-inducing serum will lighten and brighten to renew your skin, and most importantly - keep you in the spotlight!

Virgo: Radiance Sun Milk SPF 50+

Skin health never looked so good! Our triple-threat sunscreen keeps aging at bay to protect and plump skin while alleviating redness for the perfectionists of the zodiac.

Libra: Lavender Toning Mist

A pH-balancing beautifier for the most balanced sign. Mist liberally after cleansing to tone or anytime to refresh skin with the power of nature’s best botanicals. Mist and mix with any Savor serum or moisturizer to create the texture your skin craves.   

Scorpio: Yuzu Lemonade Peel

A potent detoxifying peel for the powerhouse of the zodiac. Works its magic to clear pores and refine skin texture in only a few seconds, just like our passionate Scorpions. Combine with any other Savor peel to deliver even deeper results. 

Sagittarius: Pomegranate Peptide Eye Serum

Our vitamin C-packed eye serum keeps freedom-loving Sagittarians bright-eyed, and set for their next exploration! Dot around your eyes (and lips!) to revitalize skin, and stay as youthful as the archers of the zodiac.  

Capricorn: Savor Beauty Planner

Aesthetic meets functionality for goal-oriented Capricorn. Organize your gorgeous chaos with a Savor Beauty planner to take control, and manifest (even more) success. Pro tip: Keep track of your skin journey's and progress too to keep skin at top-tier radiance!

Aquarius: Fountain of Youth Transform Elixir

Our most unique product for the most inventive sign of the zodiac. Just a drop is all it takes - mix this concentrate into your favorite Savor serum or face cream for an out-of-this-world healing cocktail to transform skin into its smoothest and calmest version yet. 

Pisces: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The perfect pick for the mermaids of the zodiac. Use on damp skin to quench thirsty skin, plump, and reduce fine lines for the juiciest skin you have ever seen! Use morning and night for dewy, fresh, glass-like skin. 

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