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What Truffle Cream, Silk Worms, and Ancient Korea Have in Common

What Truffle Cream, Silk Worms, and Ancient Korea Have in Common

When I began concocting creams in my Manhattan kitchen in 2007 as a hobby, I had a vision: It must be organic, and it must work.  

But secretly, I had one additional wish, and that was to make my (Korean) mom happy with the results. This would prove to be a tall order.

My mom is the Queen of Always-Well-Moisturized Skin, the sister of four other sisters who religiously massaged their faces with creams, and the daughter of my grandmother who carried a parasol to avoid the sun.

Her sisters would send her creams from Seoul made of gold flecks, silkworms, and other astonishing ingredients. I needed an ingredient that could rival these, and it had to be supremely nourishing, cruelty-free, and natural.

The inspiration for our Truffle Face Cream (a popular K-beauty ingredient featured on StyleCaster this week for its radiance-boosting Vitamin B) was my mom who had taught me to hydrate, moisturize, and take care of my skin “like it’s the most expensive silk in the world.”


The end goal was to create something she would use daily—this would be the ultimate stamp of approval.

I used to sneak into my mom’s vanity to try her exotic creams with the gold flecks. Today, nothing gives me more joy than to see my mom “accidentally take home” the Truffle Face Cream from my bathroom or come into Savor Spa to get more for her and her friends. 


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