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What is Spiritual Skincare?

What is Spiritual Skincare?

As a child, founder Angela Jia Kim would watch, mesmerized, as the women in her family applied their skincare. Morning and night, they massaged lotions and creams onto their faces, doing so with great love and attention, until their skin gleamed. In the Korean culture, skincare is viewed as a sacred practice, and so was birthed the inspiration for Savor Beauty.

At the heart of Savor Beauty is the belief that radiance starts from within. In order to achieve a beautiful outer glow, we must tend to our inner essence to ignite a glow that radiates outwards. Treating our soul with acts of self-care such as meditation and manifestation help us to achieve a deeper sense of connection with our inner being. This, combined with skincare, is the key for a lit-from-within glow. 

angela meditating with skincare

We believe that what you put in (and on) your body matters. Our natural, plant-based formulas contain only high-vibrational ingredients and are free of harmful toxins and additives. Our products are handcrafted in small batches and made fresh, infused with love and positive energy - from us, to you. We create luxurious textures and spa-like aromas for a fully sensorial experience, as we encourage you to approach your skincare rituals as a form of meditation; a chance to be present as you connect with your skin. 

Did you know that each of our products is labeled with an affirmation? The Pearl Cleansing Cream says purify, as washing your face is a symbolic act of letting go and washing the day away. As the ginseng root extract cleans out your pores and the crushed grapeseeds sweep impurities away, you are not only refining your skin, but also your soul. You are now fresh, purified, and ready for a new start come morning.

The Manuka Honey Mask says detox, as the several minutes you spend masking is the perfect time to do a detox meditation. As the Manuka honey draws impurities from your skin, imagine your soul being detoxified as well. Close your eyes, and say the following affirmation:

"I let go of that which does not serve me."

The Savor Beauty lifestyle goes beyond skincare, as beauty is more than skin deep. Our self-care planners have transformed the lives of thousands, helping them to be productive while prioritizing self-care. Angela's debut book Radical Radiance takes you on a magical self-love journey, with over 50 rituals and prompts to improve your relationship with your inner being.

They're like skincare for your soul.

So the next time you take a few drops of your Carrot Rose Serum, or a dollop of your Truffle Face Cream, make sure to slow down, hold a moment for gratitude, and savor every moment.

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