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Weekly Clay Masks are a Summer must!

Weekly Clay Masks are a Summer must!

It’s a known (and unfortunate) fact that hot and humid summer days often cause an increase in sweat and oil production. To combat congestion and breakouts, I like to use a clay mask once a week— it helps pull out pore-clogging build-up, but is still gentle enough to avoid stripping of the skin and promote healthy hydration.

The Savor Beauty Chocolate Truffle Face Cake is my favorite because it smells like a chocolate cake on your face! This mask features organic antioxidant-rich Dutch cocoa powder and Moroccan Lava Clay, found in the Moroccan mountains. This mineral-rich clay nourishes dehydrated, sensitive skin while shrinking enlarged pores. Plus, it also helps build and strengthen the skin’s elasticity. 

I love to mix a teaspoon of the mask with a teaspoon of the Lavender Toning Mist for the perfect antiseptic detox. This mask will help brighten unwanted hyper-pigmentation that you may get from the strong summer sun.

*Pro Tip: If your skin is combination, don't be afraid to just target your areas of concern! Sometimes all we need is a little TLC in the t-zone.

Now, clay away!,


Savor Beauty Master Esthetician and Trainer


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