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The Founder's Secret Way to the Heart ❤️

The Founder's Secret Way to the Heart ❤️

I recently gave someone I adore a facial massage, and it was amazing. The face is one of the most emotionally intimate areas on the body. 

Combined with the right tools, it really was the perfect gift. 😉

Below, I share my secret sauce with you to help you score some major cupid points!

1. Start with the right tools: 
The Gentleman's Kit (Pumpkin Serum + Lavender Toner)

2. Prop up pillows on the bed to provide your back with support.

3. Put a pillow on your lap, and have your partner lie down face up.

4. Take a dime size of the serum, spritz with the toning mist for extra slip. Apply throughout the massage as needed.

5. Massage the chin + jaw with your hands in upward motions.

Start from the chin to the cheek.

6. Continue using upward motion strokes on the cheeks.

7. Take your palms + sweep across the forehead.

8. Lightly tap around the eyes like you're playing a piano.

9. When finished with the face, proceed to the neck. Gently massage the sides of the neck in an upward motion. Ask if the pressure is good.

10. Finish by giving a light scalp massage (make sure there isn’t too much oil on your hands).

Seal it with a sweet kiss! 💋


Angela Jia Kim,
Founder + Hopeless Romantic

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