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savor beauty founder angela jia kim

Top 2 Things to Do Before 2024 for Success + Confidence

Written by: Angela Kim



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In last week’s blog, I shared that I divide my daily routine into three segments: Be.Do.Savor. Today, I share two impactful ways to “do” your way to confidence and success.  

I've reimagined “doing” as “creating,” transforming everyday tasks into creative acts, infusing joy and purpose into the mundane.

This approach turns routine activities, like writing reports or organizing, into opportunities for creative and meaningful actions.

Accomplishing tasks with purpose and vision boosts success and confidence, illuminating inner radiance. Here are two things you can start doing now for success and confidence in 2024.

savor beauty founder angela jia kim

1. Pull Daily “Weeds” for Confidence

The holidays are a perfect time for decluttering, both physically and metaphorically. It's crucial to address mundane tasks—like organizing your workspace, setting financial goals, decluttering your home—that, if neglected, can block your personal and professional growth. 

In the realm of self-care, these tasks are similar to weeds in a garden; pulling weeds is necessary for healthy growth and brings confidence that you have a solid foundation. 

The weeds concept can be found in the Savor Beauty 90-day self-care planner. A weed represents those seemingly unglamorous tasks that are often overlooked and delayed, yet are essential for nurturing productivity and confidence. 

Neglecting these “weeds” over time can lead to unruly or chaotic situations. Weeds can be simple activities like servicing your car, setting a budget, or scheduling that long-postponed doctor's appointment.

Pulling weeds brings simplicity and ease to life, paving the way for more abundance and flow. And doing a little at a time on a daily basis reduces the overwhelm. 

Examples of “weeds” include:

  • Opening mail
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Cleaning out the closet
  • Visiting the vet
  • Doing laundry
  • Reconciling financial statements
  • Choosing weekly outfits
  • Painting the bedroom
  • Getting an oil change

Remember, self-care actions are investments in your future self.

Ritual: Pull Weeds Daily

Write: List three daily weeds.

Affirm: Set an intention, e.g., “I create ease in my life.”

Pull: Use a timer to start pulling your weeds.

Check: Celebrate each task completion with a check-mark party!

2. Plant Small Seeds Daily for Success

December is an ideal time for planning and preparing for the new year. Every small action, like reaching out to new contacts or starting a wellness routine, is a seed for future success. I encourage you to plant a seed daily—these are actions for personal and professional growth.

In my journey to build Savor Beauty, planting seeds was vital. I connected with farmers, experimented with ingredients, and gathered feedback. This process taught me to trust in the timing of each 'seed' and detach from immediate outcomes.

Planting seeds regularly builds success and reduces attachment to specific outcomes.

angela jia kim writing in her planner

If you plant just three seeds a day, you'll have over 1000 opportunities (small and big) in a year, leading to a metaphorical garden of abundance, beauty, and joy. 

Ritual: Plant Seeds Daily

Reflect: Spend a few minutes in quiet reflection.

Journal: Note three daily actions that align with your goals.

Visualize: Imagine the successful completion of these actions.

Action: Commit to these actions and integrate them into your day.

Reflect: End your day by reviewing the seeds planted and celebrate those that have blossomed! 

Don't miss Savor Beauty’s transformative New Year, New You TRANSFORM masterclass launching later in December. This course goes beyond standard goal-setting, focusing on creating a vision based on your deepest values for authentic living.

Discover daily rituals that align with your true self, and learn how to turn aspirations into reality through consistent, purposeful actions. Stay tuned for the masterclass, launching this month! 


Angela Jia Kim

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Angela Jia Kim

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