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Savor Spotlight: Skin-Perfecting Toning Mist

Savor Spotlight: Skin-Perfecting Toning Mist

Ever wonder what a toner does for your skin? A skin toner can be used to refresh and reset the skin's natural pH balance and prep for deeper absorption.

The Savor Beauty Toning Mist helps moisturize, protect and refresh your skin. Our Skin-Perfecting Toner will surely purify your skin. Plus, it doesn't contain skin-drying alcohol in the ingredients. These natural floral waters hydrate and rebalance your skin in seconds! 

This versatile facial Toning Mist helps sweep away surface debris and dirt, and can be used to remove dead cells (when used with a cotton pad) while infusing your complexion with a quick burst of hydration.

How To Use

  • On clean skin, mist your Toning Mist all over your face about 3-5 times. Damp skin absorbs 5-7 times deeper into the epidermis.
  • Use it as a setting spray to refresh makeup or as an on-the-go skin refresher.

Makeup artists love using our toning mists as a primer to prevent flaky makeup application. Toning Mists can also be used to prepare the skin for your skin-care routine: e.g. water-based serums and moisturizer.

The best time to use your toner is after washing your face, and before using serum or moisturizer.

Not all toners are created equal, so we created 5 different floral waters as hydrating toning mists.

  • Calming Lavender (lavandula hybrida floral water) is perfect for all skin types (even sensitive skin). Lavender helps reduce redness and soothes inflammation.
  • Clarifying Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia floral water) reduces break outs with it's mild antiseptic properties. Not recommended for sensitive skin as it may be too drying.
  • Hydrating Rose (rosa damascena floral water) is rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants, which helps fight signs of aging by accelerating cellular rejuvenation.
  • Balancing Neroli Blossom (citrus aurantium floral water) helps control sebum production for velvety smooth skin.
  • Refreshing Lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus floral water) has mild antibacterial properties, making it a great men's post-shave mist to prevent ingrowns. It's also an awesome natural mosquito repellent!

5-Star Reviews

“The Most Refreshing Facial Rose Water! In 4 years, I've used only Savor Beauty products. The first thing I do after my shower is spray [the Toning Mist] all over my face. That makes me feel so fresh and clean!” — Anne, Verified Buyer.

“Fantastic aroma — just enough rose without making you nauseated. Helps shrink my pores and locks in moisturizing products. Love it.” — Andrea, Verified Buyer.

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Savor Beauty is Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty-free and made in New York by women. Each product is made in small batches for optimal freshness and quality assurance

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