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Self-care Saturday No. 5

Self-care Saturday No. 5

Hello gorgeous! The month of romance and self-love is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your radiance rituals.

Recently, we’ve seen rumbling in the news that have affected our communities deeply. I’ve decided to double-down on TLC to keep my headspace clear and full of optimism.

Here are my week’s ceremonies:

Self-Love Roll and Glow

I wrote this radiance ritual down almost a year ago during an incredibly trying time. This meditation gave me space to write down my thoughts.

With the added experience of feeling the cool amethyst stone on silky skin, this technique helped clear the noise for ultimate zen.

Roll and Glow Kit - Korean beauty routine

Chocolate Truffle Martini

Inspired by our limited edition Chocolate Truffle Hand Wash, this bright delightful drink is the best way to toast to the end of February.

Like our soap, this martini blends the universally loved mixture of chocolate and orange for a creamy sumptuous cocktail!


Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Love Bites

Not those love bites, but these are sweet, too. 😉 This super-easy 5-min recipe is an awesome afternoon snack for a quick boost of energy.

Make these with your Chocolate Truffle Martini for a self-care Saturday night, full of delicious inner and outer glow.


Thank you for joining me for our final week of #selfcaresaturday! Would you like to see more of these? Let us know @savorbeauty on Instagram.

Angela Jia Kim
Founder of Savor Beauty

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