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Self-care Saturday No. 2

Self-care Saturday No. 2

I have exciting news... I'm writing a book on skin-to-soul radiance for St. Martin's Press! With this new adventure, I like to unwind with an at-home facial once a week.

Here's 3 easy ways to turn your ritual into a facial:

Level up your Cleansing Ritual

When my skin is extra dry, I create a luxurious cleansing balm with the Manuka Honey Mask and Pearl Cleansing Cream.

Mix equal parts of each in your palm and blend thoroughly. You can apply + leave on for 5 minutes or massage in circular motions from your chin to your forehead. Rinse off for a nourished glow!

Pearl Cleansing Cream + Manuka Honey Mask

Make Your Own Mask

The Savor Beauty estheticians create beauty cocktails for multi-purpose treatment in the spas. Here's my favorite Bright Eyes Kit mask to depuff + brighten.

Mix 2 drops of the Pumpkin Serum into a pea-sized dollop of the Caviar Eye Cream. Apply a thick layer under your eyes for 30 minutes. Optional: Roll it in with the Amethyst Facial Roller!

Pumpkin Serum and Caviar Eye Cream (Pumpkin Skincare)

Add Spa Aromatherapy

I'm obsessed with our new Aromatherapy Diffuser, it's an easy way to keep your spirits high and add some humidity into the dry air. I mix lavender + peppermint to reset and chill. The mix of herbal + bright aromas add a touch of spa ambiance for cleansing + masking.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Angela Jia Kim
Founder of Savor Beauty

— Posted on 02/08/21

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