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planning for self-care

Planning is Anti-Inflammatory: 4 Tips for Wellness + Balance

Written by: Angela Kim



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Inflammation is a vital part of our body's healing process as it's the natural response to protect us from injury or infection. It’s characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and sometimes pain. 

However, chronic inflammation can lead to various health issues like heart disease, hormonal dysregulation, and diabetes, as well as skin conditions like acne and aging. 

In our Savor Beauty + Spa facials, we treat inflammation such as acne, eczema, and premature aging. These conditions are often triggered by stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep.

A radiance lifestyle is all about glowing from the inside out so that we feel balanced, energized, and vibrant. Reducing inflammation is key to achieving this, as it promotes clearer, more radiant skin, better digestion, and a resilient immune system.

Planning plays a crucial role in this process. It isn't just about staying organized—it’s anti-inflammatory too! Studies show that it lowers stress and supports a healthier lifestyle. 

By planning anti-inflammatory practices into your daily routine, you can minimize stress, ensure a balanced diet, and create a routine that supports wellness.

1. Set Weekly Intentions

According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, individuals who set intentions and goals are more likely to experience enhanced emotional regulation and reduced anxiety. 

I start by setting my intentions for each week, such as "calm" or "inspired." Setting these clear, positive intentions helps to significantly reduce stress and improve mental well-being. 

2. Do a Brain Dump

A brain dump at the start of the week is a game-changer. It's like an anti-anxiety hack that clears my mind, allowing me to focus on what's important. 

By writing down all my thoughts and tasks, I can prioritize and tackle them one by one, reducing overwhelm.

3. Treat "Me-Time" as Importantly as Meetings

Planning helps me stay organized, reduce stress, and live a healthier, happier life.

I treat "me-time" as importantly as work meetings by writing self-care activities into my planner.

By carving out planned self-care and relaxation time, it sends a psychological signal that meetings and mental health are equally important. 

angela jia kim meditation

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4. Plan Your Next Day the Night Before

When you plan out the next day the night before, you go to bed with a sense of accomplishment and peace. This process helps "detox" the brain, allowing for restful sleep.

A study by Baylor University found that writing a to-do list for the next day helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Participants in the study who spent five minutes writing down tasks they needed to complete fell asleep significantly faster than those who wrote about tasks they had already completed. This is because creating a to-do list helps "offload" worries about unfinished tasks, leading to a calmer mind and better sleep (

Plus… here are some planning hacks that I do for a busy lifestyle:

Stock the Fridge with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Planning our meals and snacks in advance not only saves time but also helps reduce inflammation.


My partner and daughter have a sweet tooth, and by proxy, I have found myself craving chocolate, too. 😍

To keep healthier options at the ready (this steadies glucose levels and thus reduces inflammation), I always have a fridge stocked with anti-glucose-spike foods.

angela jia kim beauty kitchen

Create a Mindful Skincare Routine

Incorporating a mindful beauty routine is part of my daily ritual. Having a planned-out, numbered system takes the guesswork out of my beauty rituals, especially before bedtime when I'm too tired to think! 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Serum
  4. Moisturize
  5. Eye care

"[Angela Jia Kim's] straight forward five step system that makes keeping your skin glowing easier than ever."

- People Magazine

By sticking to this routine, I care for my skin while breathing through each step, signaling my body to rest and rejuvenate at the end of the day.

Remember, planning isn't just about managing time; it's about managing your well-being. Try these tips to see how effective planning can be your new anti-inflammatory strategy!

angela jia kim

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty and author of "Radical Radiance", lives in New York City with her teen daughter, mini golden retriever, and philanthropic partner. She embodies a radiance lifestyle through mindful skincare, Kundalini Yoga, mat Pilates, and chakra cleansing rituals. 💞

Planning isn't just about staying organized—it’s anti-inflammatory too! Studies show that it lowers stress and supports a healthier lifestyle.