Nurture Yourself With A Breast Facial

About a year ago, I got a painful mammogram, and a little TLC was in order. So I went to a Korean spa and discovered a “Breast Facial” that promised a satiny soft and smooth neck, décolleté, and breasts. If you’ve never been to a Korean spa, it can be a bit of a culture shock—women of all ages strut around wholly nude and completely unashamed. Korean spa culture celebrates taking care of your mind and body without stigma; self-care is a shameless matter-of-fact necessity. 

During the breast facial, the esthetician placed a towel over my eyes, and just like a facial, she cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, masked, massaged, and moisturized from my neck down to my stomach. She used compassionate maternal care that resonated with my nature of taking care of my daughter and my body. I even fell asleep because this feminine practice of getting into my body made me feel safe, allowing my mind to cease its endless chatter. The treatment was worth it; my skin was baby-soft, my soul was soothed. 

When I got home, I felt nourished, relaxed, grounded, and even more inclined toward self-acceptance. I decided to incorporate a weekly practice in the shower. Consider how breasts are lusted after by society, tugged on by babies, squeezed into uncomfortable bras, judged by self-imposed notions, and prodded during breast examinations. 

For me, getting in touch, literally, with my breasts—with no judgment or expectation—was a meaningful act of self-love. Now it’s your turn to try it. 

Breast Facial for satin-soft decolletage

Time: 10 minutes, recommended in the morning 

Ingredients: Face and body cleanser, warm bath/shower oil, body lotion or cream 

Optional Upgrades: Clay or mud mask (a face or body mask will do!), mask brush

Notes: The décolleté and chest area are sensitive, so I prefer products that are formulated specifically for the face and body. However, you can always substitute bath/shower oil with oils from your kitchen pantry. Warm the oil by storing it in a glass or BPA-free plastic container. Place the container in a bowl of hot water for about 5 minutes to warm it before this ritual. 


  1. Intend. Create an intention for this practice such as, “I layer love onto my skin” or “I give myself tender loving care.  
  2. Cleanse. While showering, massage your decolletage area in circular motions with your cleanser. Work your way up to your heart, finishing with your neck. You can also follow the double-cleanse protocol I shared in week 1, using a cleansing oil and water-based cleanser.
  3. Massage. Using a warm oil, layer love with the oil onto your chest area. Use the palms of the hands to massage the decolletage area in sweeping upward motions toward the neck. Don’t forget to reach the shoulders and back of the neck for whole-body rejuvenation. Breathe in and out, enjoying the aromas and noticing the sensations. 
  4. Mask. (Optional) Apply a firming clay or nourishing honey mask with your fingers or a spa mask brush using upward motions on your neck, décolleté, and breasts. Leave on for one to three minutes then rinse while in the shower. Enjoy your decolletage radiance! 
  5. Affirm. Express appreciation and gratitude for your breasts.
    Thank you so much for being part of my body. 
    My breasts are healthy, in and out. I honor and am grateful for my beauty.
  6. Moisturize. When done with the shower, pat dry with a clean towel, and apply your favorite body cream or body oil for silky-smooth hydration. 

Edited excerpt from RADICAL RADIANCE: by Angela Jia Kim.
Copyright © 2022 by the author and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Publishing Group.

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