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Savor Beauty Founder Angela Jia Kim

Diaries of a Beauty CEO, Pt. II: A Week of Creation + Magic

Written by: Angela Kim



Time to read 5 min

For part I of my beauty CEO diary, click here!

Day 1: Brunch, Books, and Boyfriends!

I met Daniela during the pandemic when my book agent set up a Zoom meeting with her to discuss the potential release of my book Radical Radiance with St. Martin’s Press. I was at a crossroads, choosing between Daniela, a Senior Editor at St. Martin’s, and another from Hay House.

Both were lovely and while the decision was very hard to make, Daniela’s down-to-earth candor resonated with me. I’m glad I followed my instinct. Our first in-person meeting was over cocktails in Chelsea. 

Right from the start, we clicked as two New Yorker foodies, fellow dog lovers, and women who were stepping back into the daunting dating world.

Fraunces Tavern in NYC

Our conversations often revolved around the new boyfriends in our lives. Years later, those same men have become our fiancés. Our meetings have evolved into impromptu celebrations, filled with dancing, drinks, and dinners.

Here's a list of places we've loved that I highly recommend:

Daniela has a penchant for whipping up simple yet decadent desserts. I must share with you the 3-ingredient chocolate cake she brought to one of our dance parties. I’m sorry and you’re welcome! 😊 

chocolate cake
Image from Epicurious

Day 2: The Magic of Haircare as Self-Care

Today was all about indulging in a little hair self-care. I invested in a shiny, new Dyson Airwrap. I've never been one to devote much time to my hair; it's long, thick, and always feels like a lot of work.

But today was different. I spent the entire morning trying out different hairstyles with my new hair toy, and surprisingly, it turned into a playful, meditative experience.

It was like a magical escape from my job, which I love but often involves high-stakes decisions and patience (Aries, anyone?) for the manifestations to unfold. By contrast, this curler does all the work for you, and witnessing those instant curls and waves come to life was very gratifying.

Angela Jia Kim

Afterward, I got carried away watching YouTube tutorials on creating the perfect messy bun. Here’s one of my favorite videos (her voice is so soothing!) if you want to get lost in the world of hair self-care.

Day 3: The Manifesting Power of ONE Word

In our Transform Masterclass, we've been focusing on identifying our ONE word and core values. For me, 2024 is all about "CREATE." I believe in the power of creation, in bringing something new and intentional into existence.

This has become my mantra, and it was especially helpful when I received a stressful text this afternoon. Instead of letting it affect me, I repeated, "I create my own reality." The mindset shift was powerful: my partner and I invited some friends over for an impromptu potluck “Mamma Mia” movie night with friends.

Food, friends, and dancing to Dancing Queen from the movie was an instant uplift. Turn on the music for yourself and see your mood transform!

cheese board

Day 4: Behind the Scenes at Savor Spa

Today marked the training day for Lahna and Lizzie, our new estheticians at Savor Spa. Being a beauty CEO comes with unique experiences – my face often serves as a testing ground for high-frequency treatments, microdermabrasion, and facial cleanses.

I joined Farah, our spa manager, to train our new talents; after four thorough double-cleanses and several rounds with the microdermabrasion machine and high frequency, my skin needed a bit of TLC.

Savor Spa in NYC

To address this, Lahna and Lizzie prepared a gentle mask combining lavender milk + honey, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B cream, and a drop of the soothing Transform Elixir. I left feeling refreshed, looking forward to the magic Lahna and Lizzie will bring to Savor Spa guests.

You can book with Lizzie at our West Village location and Lahna at our Upper West location in NYC!

Day 5: A Night of Comedy and Cuisine in NYC

The beauty of NYC is that the city never sleeps, and my partner and I love its vibrant comedy scene. We've shared laughs at shows by Ali Wong (my favorite), Bill Burr (his favorite), and Russell Peters (our favorite).

Tonight, we added Jerry Seinfeld to our list. Ali has seen him live three times, and it was my first live encounter.

Angela Jia Kim + her partner

After the show, we savored another aspect of NYC we love: fighting food waste with the Too Good to Go app. This fantastic initiative rescues unsold fresh food from being wasted at the end of the day. In minutes, we had a “Surprise Bag” with hot lentil soup and warm baked bread from Gazala, a staple on the Upper West Side.

It was the perfect, sustainable end to a humorous night for this foodie couple in the heart of Manhattan.

Day 6: 90-Day Beauty Secret w/ TRANSFORM Elixir

Every 90 days, we unveil a new coveted Fountain of Youth in our Black Label collection, each edition tailored to the changing seasons.

I’m so excited to launch TRANSFORM Fountain of Youth Elixir at Savor Beauty. But blink and it’s gone—this beauty is available only for the next 90 days or while supplies last! These spa-grade concentrates have been a top-secret weapon in our spa treatment rooms for enveloping skin in an ethereal, soft glow.

For the past few months, I've been adding a drop of the Transform Elixir to my Truffle Face Cream. I love the soothing aroma and softness it brings to my skin.

One Korean dermatologist told me that he advises women to set alarms at 3 AM to rehydrate their skin. I find that this elixir mixed with the Truffle Face Cream does the trick without sacrificing my much-needed beauty sleep. 😉

The elixir's exquisite blend of rare and precious ingredients is what sets it apart. Rose Otto—a jewel in skincare (thousands of petals for just one drop!)—tightens and tones, Hawaiian Sandalwood lightens dark spots, and Egyptian Myrrh gently soothes irritated skin.

French Lavender and Chamomile blend together to soothe and reduce inflammation, while Safflower—a nod to the ancient times when Korean women put it on their face to remove age spots—adds a sheen to the skin.

Day 7: Savor Beauty's New Online Sanctuary!

Voila! It's a week of exciting new beginnings, and our refreshed website is now live for everyone to explore.

This six-month labor of love embodies our ethos of blending skincare with soul care. I’m proud to bring together our offerings that highlight our commitment to helping you radiate beauty from the inside out.

NEW Savor Beauty website!

“I’m shocked that all this is coming from a skincare brand.”

A recent Instagram message resonated: “I’m shocked that all this is coming from a skincare brand.” This reaction reflects our unique blend of skincare essentials, like cleansers and serums, combined with soul-nourishing tools such as planners and life-enhancing courses.

2024 marked the launch of Savor Beauty products representing the fusion of inner and outer transformation. The Transform Fountain of Youth Elixir is a formula so powerful, one drop is all you need. Similarly, the Transform Masterclass uses a simple formula to transform your life with just one impactful word.

This rebirth is a celebration of collective female brilliance. I feel like our team of women were all doulas, each bringing their unique talents to help breathe life and beauty into this project.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Together, we're on a mission to beautify the world, one radiant face at a time.

With love and light,

Angela Jia Kim

ceo angela jia kim with flowers

Angela Jia Kim

Founder of Savor Beauty, Mom to a teen daughter and mini golden, partner to a sweet soul, forever New Yorker, unfortunate carb lover, hopeless Aries 💞

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