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A 30-Second Self-Care Secret Too Good to Keep to Ourselves

A 30-Second Self-Care Secret Too Good to Keep to Ourselves

Taking time for self-care during the holidays—even if it’s just a few minutes—can be challenging.

My 30-second secret? I keep our alcohol-free toner in my purse and pull it out any time I need a skin shower or spirit refresher. (The travel size fits perfectly in a clutch!)

The fun part is that you can mist others in the room to share the love, which often makes them laugh, feel good, and take a moment of refreshing self-care. 

Beyond the olfactory benefits, toners have recently experienced a stunning renaissance. In the past, they contained drying alcohol or witch hazel, which can strip the pores of its youthful oil. The newer generation of toners are alcohol-free, contain nourishing ingredients that are re-balancing and hydrating to benefit all skin types.


The best types of toners are naturally-derived hydrosols that wake up your complexion, quench parched pores and provide skin-loving nutrients. These tonics are produced when flowers and plants are distilled, yielding a concentrated oil that rises to the top. The vapor that remains is the hydrosol, which contains tiny molecules of essential oil, releasing that beautiful scent and those pore-perfecting benefits.

Here are five ways I like to use this hydrating and refreshing alcohol-free toner, whether it’s the holidays or not:

  1. Mist face 3-5 times to balance complexion and to help moisture penetrate the skin more deeply.
  2. Spritz toning mist onto the face to set makeup.
  3. Freshen up throughout the day, before meetings or after a workout for a “skin shower.”
  4. Lighten up your moisturizer by spritzing it with toner before applying to the face.
  5. Soften a clay mask by spritzing toner on skin before taking it off.

Who’s ready to mist and be merry?

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