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3 Ways to Incorporate Rose Into Your Skincare Routine

3 Ways to Incorporate Rose Into Your Skincare Routine

This Valentine’s Day, think outside of the flower vase and incorporate nourishing rose into your daily skincare routine.

Rose is a superstar ingredient that is known for its brightening, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties, not to mention its intoxicating scent! Studies show that the calming scent even helps lift anxiety and depression. 

Here are three of my favorite ways to infuse my life with roses:

1. I keep two bottles of our Hydrating Rose Toning Mist near me at all times. One lives on my vanity and the other on my desk. I spray it any time my skin feels extra dry or I need a little mood-boosting pick-me-up. Pro tip: I also carry a travel size on with me, so I can spray it on the go!


2. Lately, I’ve been all about face rolling. In addition to reducing puffiness, improving elasticity and evening skin tone, it’s a great dose of daily self-care. I’ve been using our Rose Quartz Roller with the Carrot Rose Serum, which helps boost collagen and increase cell turnover. My skin has never felt so soft and smooth! Both products come in our all-new Self-Love Kit.


3. When I really feel like treating myself, I whip up the Velvet Rose Face Cake Mask. Mix it with egg whites, milk or water for a DIY spa treatment and reap all the radiance-boosting benefits.

The best part? Rose skincare will last way longer than any bouquet!   

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