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“Kakadu also contains two other fantastic acids,” Angela Kim, a natural K-beauty expert and the founder of Savor Beauty, tells TZR. “Gallic acid that naturally kills bacteria, which is great news for acne-prone skin; and ellagic acid, which reduces inflammation.” This combination makes kakadu plum a multitasking must-have, able to treat everything from post-winter dullness to pimple emergencies.”

“Slather your face with the fancy plum along with Yuzu, another vitamin C-packed fruit, for double the skin power,” Kim says of Savor Beauty’s Yuzu Lemonade Peel, launching April 4. “Along with a potent cocktail of two prevent salicylic acid and gluconolactone-polyhydroxy-acid (PHA), this vitamin peel unclogs pores, brightness the complexion, and revitalizes skin.” - The Zoe Report (
Jessica L. Yarbrough)

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