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Instyle: This Anti-Aging Eye Cream Is Made With Caviar — and It's Surprisingly Affordable

Instyle: This Anti-Aging Eye Cream Is Made With Caviar — and It's Surprisingly Affordable

When you think of bath and skincare products made of actual caviar, visions of wealthy, sophisticated women in gorgeous estates may come to mind. After all, only the financially blessed can afford such luxuries, right? Well, usually. But every once in a while, a product comes along that's so perfect and reasonably priced, it seems almost too good to be true — and we may have just discovered one of those products. 

Savor Beauty's Caviar Eye Cream is, as the name suggests, packed with some seriously good stuff. And when you think about it, top-notch ingredients are exactly what you should be putting on the ultra-delicate skin around your eyes — especially when you can do it for just $64 with the cream from Savor.

Formulated with real caviar extract, caffeine, and collagen-boosting CoQ10, it's a wonder the cream isn't on the pricier side. It expertly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases microcirculation to combat dark circles and puffiness, and repairs the skin. Thanks to its high concentration of CoQ10, a key antioxidant for youthful skin, the cream also promotes cell regeneration and prevents damage from free radicals.  

And shoppers are loving it from the inside out. "[The cream] has great packaging — [it] allows you to get a small amount without wasting," one wrote. "A little goes a long way. I have only been using it for about two weeks, but I noticed my under-eye area is brighter and much smoother. It is rich but it absorbs quickly and does not feel greasy or heavy."

What's even more impressive, though, is how well the cream wears under makeup. Sure, you could use it strictly as a night cream to allow your skin to absorb its goodness, uninterrupted, all night long. But because of its richness and penetrative properties, it also absorbs evenly into the skin to create a perfect base for cosmetic application. 

Itching to try a luxury product without dropping hundreds of dollars? Order Savor Beauty's Caviar Eye Cream now. Its long-lasting results are the key to looking and feeling youthful from morning till night. And while you're at it, pick up Savor's customizable Truffle Face Cream, too, for a full-face luxury experience.



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