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Close up shot of Pomegranate Eye Serum bottle and 3 drops of the product on a beige backround

InStyle: "Shoppers Say This New Eye Serum Is 'Exceptional in So Many Ways'"

Written by: Savor Beauty



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Do any of your skincare products have pomegranate in their formulas? If not, then it's time to add one that does, especially if you want to treat signs of aging. Not only is pomegranate a refreshing antioxidant, but it also has some powerful skin benefits. Start here with this new eye serum that infuses pomegranate and peptides to eliminate dark circles and more.

The Pomegranate Peptide Eye Serum contains a luxurious blend of pomegranate extract and pea peptides that preserves the skin's elasticity and firmness, leaving the complexion plump and hydrated. The formula also includes cucumber extract, which assists skin cell turnover and alleviates under-eye puffiness. It can double as a lip treatment, too. If you're wondering whether this serum will diminish those pesky fine lines in the undereye area, that's where the pea peptides come in.

Dr. Tiffany Jow Libby, Director of Mohs Micrographic and Dermatologic Surgery at Brown Dermatology, tells InStyle, "peptides are the building blocks for important structures in our skin, like collagen and elastin. When applied to our skin, they signal to our bodies to boost the production of collagen and elastin, which helps with firmness and elasticity." This boost in collagen diminishes existing fine lines and prevents new ones from forming.

As licensed Esthetician for Savor Spa, Samantha Hassel, explains, the inclusion of caffeine in the serum will "encourage microstimulation to help reduce puffiness. Other notable ingredients include "niacinamide, and green tea as strong antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and gotu kola which stimulates new skin growth."

The serum's consistency is simultaneously light and creamy, leaving the under eye area feeling deeply moisturized, soft, and non-greasy almost immediately after applying.

To reap the most benefits from the eye serum, apply a pea-sized amount of product to your undereye area and bring it up around your brows. You can also use the same amount of product in your lip area to stimulate collagen production around your mouth.

Even though the pomegranate peptide eye serum is new to the market, shoppers are already giving it glowing reviews, calling it "amazing" and "delightful." One shopper calls the serum a "must-have." They add, "I tried the new cream because I liked the list of natural ingredients. Boy, was I hooked after a couple of applications! The cream is moist without being greasy and works wonders around my eye area!"

"The Pomegranate Peptide Eye Serum is exceptional in so many ways and is worth the investment," another reviewer wrote. "The consistency is something I have never experienced before. A liquid that is not water-like has a thicker consistency, not sticky and feels smooth and soft and velvety.". The shopper also noted the scent, writing, "it smells fresh, clean, and I could smell the green tea and cucumber and the background of the pomegranate."

This eye serum is truly refreshing and potent, thanks to the pomegranate and peptide combination. If you want to experience the pomegranate peptide eye serum and banish signs of aging around your eyes and lips, head to Savor Beauty now and grab yours for $64.