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Insider Beauty Buzz

Insider Beauty Buzz

"I had some minor surgery 10 days ago, and it really did a number on my skin. Between the general anesthesia and taking a few days off from my usual skincare routine when I didn’t have the energy or pain threshold to get out of bed, it wasn’t pretty when I finally emerged from my Percocet-induced fog. My face was dull, rough and bumpy—and I wasn’t the slightest bit happy about it. My first order of business was a mask to help purge my pores of all the lingering toxins and essentially reboot my complexion.

I rifled through my facial-mask drawer, and nothing seemed to have the blend of exfoliating, purifying and brightening benefits I was looking for, and then I remembered I gave The Hubs Savor Beauty’s new Yuzu Lemonade Peel to try. (He’s very impatient and this skin-refining peel only takes 30 seconds, so I knew he’d actually use it.) It turns out this was just what my skin needed since I still didn’t have the motivation to do a full-on DIY facial—but my skin looked like I did afterwards.

Featuring a potent exfoliating blend of salicylic acid (which is oil-soluble so it’s able to get deep down into the pores), alpha hydroxy acid, polyhydroxy acid and papaya extract for enzyme-based skin-smoothing—plus a brightening boost courtesy of vitamin C sourced from yuzu and Kakadu plum—it was just what the doctor ordered. In less than a minute (including removal time), my skin texture was more even and the dullness was gone.

And since my goal was to clear my complexion of all the chemicals associated with anesthesia and pain medication, Savor Beauty’s vegan, all-natural, paraben-free, sulfate-free formula (and its lack of synthetic fragrances and dyes) made me feel even better. This was the just the pick-me-up my skin needed to get back on the road to recovery—and I should be 100% back to normal as soon as I can return to Pilates next week!" - Insider Beauty Buzz (
Paige Axel)
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