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Happi // In Action

Happi // In Action

“It’s no secret that masks are on the rise in skin care. From deep cleansing to soothing, there’s something for everyone when it comes to masks. According to Angela Jia Kim, CEO and founder of Savor Beauty, New York, formulators are “hyper-focused” on clean and cruelty-free acid and enzyme peels.

'Consumers are asking more and more about how the products are made and are seeking transparency from the brands. They are shopping online and in-store to discover brands that resonate with their values,' she told Happi. 'People are seeking natural methods to improve the texture of their skin to achieve "moist skin." Fruit enzymes such as papaya and pineapple are attractive since they offer gentle, yet effective, exfoliation.'

The brand’s hero product is a cherry collagen peel. This cooling concoction features cherry, pineapple and papaya active enzymes for exfoliation. Bearberry, mulberry and licorice extracts brighten and plump skin. Pea peptides provide plant-based protein and 22 amino acids to build collagen for smooth skin, added Kim.” - Happi
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