How to use the

High Vibration Bath Ritual

Inside Your Set

Manuka Honey Mask
A nourishing exfoliating enzyme mask supercharged with antioxidant Manuka honey

Bath Soak
A enriched mineral bath blend with healing magnesium and tension-melting natural salts

Spa Headband
A limited edition accessory exclusive to this kit and made with 100% cotton

Soy Candle + Illuminate Matches
Made with organic soy wax

How to Use

Step 1:

When drawing a bath, shake the Bath Soak well and pour 1/4 of bottle into water. While bath fills, place the Manuka Honey Mask near water for steam to gently warm.

Step 2:

Light the Soy Candle and place in safe distance. Brush back hair with limited edition Spa Headband.

Step 3:

On clean skin, apply a thin even layer of the Manuka Honey Mask on your face and neck. Leave on for 5-8 minutes in bath and wipe away with a moist towel.