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Award-winning organic skincare meets Korean Beauty Rituals... in a New York Minute.

The Savor Beauty skincare line is developed in our Beauty Kitchen in New York where products are made fresh in small batches and shipped worldwide daily. 

Visit our Savor Spas in New York City and the Hudson Valley to receive unparalleled five-star attention for your gorgeous glow, inside out. "An amazing organic spa..." -InStyle


Our mission is to break down “K-beauty: the exhausting skin-care regimen” (Wall Street Journal, April 2016) into accessible #1MinuteRituals using luxuries such as Champagne, Caviar and Truffles for the everywoman. All the benefits, none of the exhaustion!


"I grew up watching my mom and aunts care for their skin like expensive silk using an extensive layering ritual with exotic ingredients. Savor Beauty has taken those same layering principles to create #1MinuteRituals for Western Beauties using luxurious skin-nourishing ingredients like Champagne, Caviar and Truffles." - Savor Beauty founder, Angela Jia Kim


The Unexpected Beauty Virtuoso 

Angela's passion for beauty began with her mom. "Koreans are obsessed with their skin, and my mom always had something new sent over from her sisters in Korea," she says.

"I would play with her creams that were filled with ingredients like gold and silkworm cocoons." Angela spent her early career as a concert pianist, until one day, onstage in front of hundreds of people, a so-called natural lotion she had applied made her break out in hives.

Horrified, she began to study ingredients and craft her own skin care products in her kitchen. "I added luxury ingredients with tremendous benefits like champagne, caviar, and truffle," she says.


"And I infused them with organic extracts for anti-aging results." She started gifting these products to friends, and, as she explains it, they became so popular that she was suddenly an "accidental entrepreneur."


Now Angela runs a group of holistic spas in New York City and upstate New York and continues to craft her luxe organic products with her team of Savor Spa Estheticians.


"Our products are locally produced in the Hudson Valley by women we hire through the Dollars & Scents program," she says. "We hire women as part of our Dollars & Scents program, locals who are transitioning back into the workforce, by giving training and tools for new skills."

As written in MindBodyGreen.com: "12 Women Changing The Face Of Natural Beauty"

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